Smart Station

Nyumbani Village, Kenya

In Nyumbani Village, a Kenyan town of over 1,000 people, this Plug&Play Energy Station produces energy to autonomously power machine tools used in the production of wooden and iron finished products. Electricity from a 45 KW photovoltaic field is processed, reducing current energy bills to less than one third. It is a hybrid Mini-Grid facility which incorporates the diesel generator in service to date, whose use shall be limited to increasing power when there is no sun and the batteries with reserves of more than 100 kWh reach their discharge limit.

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Kenia, Nigeria

These "Compacts" for rural electrification, provide energy independence to users where electricity does not reach. During nighttime they can illuminate entertainment centers of the community or meeting places, where neighbors can spent watching television or learn when they finish their ordinary tasks. The installation and commissioning of this equipment are completed in just a few hours.

Mozambique, Ghana

Plug&Play Compacts equipped with 3 kW solar modules, supply field hospitals, markets or soccer pitches. These modular equipment will allow future expansion as demand increases thanks to their easy scalability forming a real Mini-Grid.

Tanzania, Kenya

These self-supporting Micro Station racks for rural electrification which include everything needed for the micro-generation of electricity will power, during several years, low-energy lamps for night lighting with a storage capacity of 3 days. The system is scalable and can multiply its current power by six. Thus a limited initial investment does not imply a limited future growth if eventually needed.

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Toledo, España

This Hybrid "Compact Duo" incorporates a diesel generator, serving the system in case of extra energy needs or in days with low solar irradiance.

Ediofe, Uganda

This off-grid solar pump supplies water to over 10,000 people. Three probes capture sufficient water for the community, which is stored in two tanks with an overall capacity above 70 m3. Nearly three kilometres of pipe distribute the extracted water throughout Ediofe community in Uganda.

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Balombo, Angola

A solar powered water pumping facility which provides water to Balombo Hospital in Angola. Thanks to installed fountains outside the hospital, the entire city has fresh water for its primary use. The solar pump is capable of extracting up to 25 m3 on sunny days, and a water tank stores reserves of about 15 m3, an authentic example of rural electrification to improve the health of the Community.

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Sierra Leone

A school for ex-child soldiers in Sierra Leone is powered with a small solar facility which lights the room when there is no sun.

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