Compact - Your mini renewable power plant

A system which produces energy in the middle of nowhere immediately!

Equipped with the most reliable components in the market, like gel batteries with minimum maintenance and maximum life time, together with the robust Studer or SMA Inverters, our compacts resolve the traditional inconveniences and weaknesses of off grid systems.

Generalia. New forms of energy for growth


Impressive cost savings.
Photovoltaic-Diesel hybrid solutions for agriculture, especially irrigation, have become the best way to get very significant electricity bill savings on farms.


Outstanding added value.
The implementation of photovoltaic solutions enables the creation of small industries or the development of existing ones at a very competitive electricity cost which makes rapid business growth possible.


Increased social well-being.
Photovoltaic projects in the residential sector are instantly received by the Community as a sign of development, either through their public or domestic night lighting applications or because it is possible to use household appliances.